Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leaving for San Fran 2mro

Hey hey hey!

AJ da Man Mortega here and I'm currently at my secret lair in Stockton,CA. It's still a secret Shhhhhhh! I'll be heading out to San Fran tomorrow morning and will be attending Microsoft's BIG event and the IGDA party w00t w00t! So hope to catch some of you peeps there.

Will update ya'll again, pz!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

End of GDC...

Well I must say this week has been one of the many amazing types of weeks to soon follow in the near future. I've learned so much within this short time, met and networked with so many people and still had room for tons of fun. I'm glad I took this opportunity, this investment towards my future. After attending the last and final conference, I felt a tad bit sad that the conference was over with. But not my spirit - my energy and my passion for the video game industry has ever grown stronger. I am truly on the right path.

The night of video games ended at the Video Games Live concert. Must I say it was a fantastic show, full of great special guests and appearances’. I also had the chance to meet Miyamoto and others once again.

The night completely ended after me and the gang (DePaul buds) went to see the movie 300. (Awesome movie!!!)

However, the day was really topped off with this.

After leaving from the last conference session, I spot my pals on the street. They call out to me and tell me that Miyamoto just passed by. I was like no way! So I sprinted to catch up with him. And catch him I did. I called out to him, and asked for an autograph. Pulled out my Super Mario Bros. game and boom my mission was complete.

I am sealing and framing that game along with the picture. It shall be one of my modes of inspiration.

Such an honor it was to be among such a master of the gaming arts.

I shall always be grateful.

I will be posting some more detailed summaries about my workshop sessions hopefully later in the week.

Thanks again for hanging out with MORTEGA on da Street!!!


Friday, March 9, 2007

Day 4... Nintendo Keynote

Well nothing could top the happenings from last night. I was really upset with myself, because I sooo wanted Miyamoto to sign my 1st copy Super Mario Bros/Duckhunt NES cartridge. But noooooooo I forgot it in my hotel! Grrrrrrrrr! But hey I guess the picture is worth more.

A quick re-cap of today's keynote.

No super huge announcements.

Mario Galaxy shipping later this year.

New type of Mii channel to arrive or in development still.
Will allow Mii's to compete in fashion shows and other similar stuff.
Main focus about the conference was to explain Mr. Miyamoto's philosophy and ideas creation towards video games and how they’ve evolved. I thought it was an interesting speech, but was hoping for some more new release stuff.

Overall it was great, and met some more cool people.

Going to have to cut this short, because I need my rest!

Will go into more detail soon.


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Day 3... Awards Night

Must I say anything else???

This is Alexei Pazhitnov, he made Tetris!!!

I met a bunch more people too........

Well to quickly recap the important stuff of the day.

Sony announced their GAME 3.0 Philosophy. Similar to the Web 2.0

Sony announced their new piece to the PS3 which is called HOME a virtual onlin
e environment that utilizes customizable avatars. (Think Second Life but with better graphics) However, you are not really able to develop for it other than just buying new items for your character and place.


  • Online virtual world
  • Customizable avatars
  • Large social community
  • Special in game advertising (Mostly gaming related content, new game releases, sony products)
  • HD video streaming
  • Huge Physics engine
  • Actual working games (Pool table, bowling, arcade games)
  • Movie theaters (you can rent movies, watching movies, etc...)
  • Personal Apartments (private spaces, public spaces)
  • Customizable furniture, downloadable content (content for purchase or developer created)
  • Special Trophy room

Special new stuff with SingStar online. Special EyeToy features, to record and upload videos like Youtube.

The coolest thing was a new game, developed by the guys that made RagDoll KungFu. They formed a new company and were brought on to develop for the PS3.

Its called LittleBigWorld

An AMAZING GAME!!! Its a game where you collaborate with others to make your own game. They call it communal play.

I'll try and post vids and more pics. But roughly the game is based on a huge dynamic interactive world utilizing heavy physics which allow for infinite possibilities.

And Gears of War won Game of the Year!
That's it for now, just a small recap of the days events. I'll try and catch up with everyone again soon.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

GDC Day 2...

The IGDA party was freaking awesome! I am soooooooooooo beat. As you can see every day I keep getting in later and later and the parties get bigger and bigger. I tried getting into a Second Life party, but was not successful. Sux cause all the Linden Lab people were there.

Anyways I saw, listened, and met tons of people.

I will update this later. I should have some time during the day tomorrow, I hope!

Don't worry, I've taken tons of notes so I have lots to talk about.

Will inform the masses soon!

Keep checking back!